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Special Thanks

We work hard at Snipe-IT to continue building great software that's easy to use, but we couldn't do it without help. We'd like to say thanks to some of the people and projects that helped (and continue to help) make Snipe-IT what it is.

Awesome Community Members

A great open source community is part of what makes Snipe-IT special. From bugfixes, patches, and features, to those that help new users in Discord and Github issues, we'd like to say thanks!

  • @madd15 - for great pull requests, Gitter/Github Windows support and our Windows install docs
  • @uberbrady - for making custom fields a reality, and all the Docker love
  • @ddreier - for the new Vue-based importer, and for ceaseless patience and rock-solid Active Directory assistance
  • @dmeltzer - for the improved importer, and many other great additions!
  • @merid14 and @mtucker6784 - for the Ubuntu/CentOS installer bash script
  • @1jesper1 - for spotting and disclosing an important security issue!
  • @EarlRamirez - for being a super-duper community member and always offering to help!
  • Metin Kandemir - for spotting and disclosing an important security issue!

This list is far from comprehensive. To check out our full list of awesome contributors, click here!

Tech We Love

Snipe-IT uses many open source components, and we just wouldn't be the same without these great libraries:

Support these great projects with your code, your money or your time. They help make Snipe-IT (and tens of thousands of other open source projects) possible!

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