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Snipe-IT is Open Source

That matters to us. Here's are some reasons why it should matter to you.

No Vendor Lock-In

Vendor lock-in can cost a lot, not just in cold, hard cash but also in hours. With Snipe-IT, you can host it yourself, have us host it for you, or fork it and change it. You're never locked into a hosted product, and all of your data is easy to export so that if you ever decide Snipe-IT isn't for you anymore, your data is still yours.

Open Source Makes Us Write Better Software

With closed source software, you have nothing but the vendor's claims telling you that they're keeping the software secure and adhering to standards, for example. It's basically a leap of faith. The visibility of the code behind open source software means you can see for yourself and be confident.

Constantly Improving. Always Transparent

With open source software, every commit, every branch, is visible to the public. You can always see our velocity in our responses to the community, our release schedule and milestones, and every commit and pull request review. We release new features often, and improve existing ones in every release - and all of this is available for public review through our repository.

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