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Open Source

Snipe-IT is open source software. Transparency, security and oversight is at the heart of everything we do. No vendor lock-in again, ever.

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Cloud Hosted

Our cloud platform offers a 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee, with servers in data centers across the globe for reliability and speed.

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App & Platform Security

Both Snipe-IT as a software product and our cloud-hosting infrastructure were designed with security at the forefront.

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Frequent Updates

Snipe-IT is improved constantly, with new releases every few weeks. Bug-fixes and new features ship daily.

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Dedicated Support

Our full-time in-house support team is ready to answer all technical difficulties customers may encounter with any of our products.

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Powerful REST API

Our simple and intuitive developer JSON REST API allows you to develop custom automations based on your own individual needs.

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Powered by AWS

Our cloud-hosting platform offers a low latency worldwide network for fast connections no matter where you are. Your data never leaves the region you select when you sign-up.
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  • N. Virginia
  • Sao Paulo
  • Ireland
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We Our Users

... and they have some pretty nice things to say about us, too! Here are just a few. Click here to see more about what people think about Snipe-IT.

I joined an accounting firm as an IT tech, and quickly grew tired of how the company had been trying to track their internal IT assets on an Excel spreadsheet, with predictably inaccurate results. The proprietary ITAM options were more expensive than anyone wanted to shell out for, and proprietary software has bitten me enough times that I wanted to avoid it if possible, so I researched some more, and found Snipe-IT. Snipe-IT has made my life so much easier, and it's really helped the IT operations of the business to run so much smoother. I know where everything is and who has what, and our ITAM turmoil is no more. And the best part is that I didn't have to spend a penny to get it set up; all it took was some time and Linux-Fu. I'll be leaving this company soon, but I'm putting together lots of documentation so my successor can take over our Snipe-IT server. I know for sure that I'll be singing my praises of Snipe-IT wherever I go next, and I think I'll get an instance running to manage my inventory at home. That's one of the other beautiful things about it - It may be designed as an IT asset register, but it's so wonderfully customisable that I could probably use if for my 3D printing materials, record collection, spice rack, etc. Thank you so much for this amazing software. Much love <3

Reece D.

Huge fan of Snipe-IT - amazing product. I can't believe it's free :)

Nick Von Ogden
Indiana University

When our school district decided on a 1:1 device deployment, we needed a way to track which student had which device, keep maintenance records of a device and to keep track of which students purchased an optional protection plan for the device they were given. We also needed a low cost solution, and many of the options geared toward a 1:1 device deployment were very expensive. We came across Snipe-IT in our hunt for a way to keep accurate records of which students had which devices. After installing the software on-premises, we quickly realized Snipe-IT offered every thing the district needed at a great price, free! We watched development of the software over a period of 6 months. With a steady stream of updates, a very active development team, the ability to import users with ldap, and documentation that made the product rock solid, we made the decision to move the districts entire technology inventory to Snipe-IT software. Our 1:1 device deployment went without a hitch in August thanks to Snipe-IT software.

William Lewis
East Carter County R-II School District

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