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About Grokability

grok \grŏk\ : (verb) to understand completely and intuitively
coined by Robert A. Heinlein in the science-fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land (1961)

The Beginning

Snipe-IT, Grokability's flagship product, was created in 2013, when Grokability founder and long-time developer Alison Gianotto was working as the CTO of an ad agency in New York City. The office was moving to a new location, and they needed to inventory all of their assets to confirm that all of the assets were accounted for before and after the move.

Like many small businesses, the agency was using Google Docs within the IT department to manage their asset assignments. Alison tried several commercial and open source IT asset tracking systems, and none of them did exactly what she wanted - so she built her own, and years ago, v1.0-alpha of Snipe-IT was born.

Fun fact - when the inventory was finally done, she discovered that they were missing more than $25k worth of assets - and she never questioned the value of an asset management program again.

Since then, Snipe-IT has grown into one of the best asset management systems out there, still actively developed and still free!

Our Values

Grokability was founded on a few simple principles:

Management Team

Alison Gianotto

Lead Developer / Chief Mohawk Officer

Victoria Pak

Operations / Support Ninja

Kasey Hinchman

Systems Engineer / Chaos Monkey

Birgit Zeus

Quality Assurance & Testing

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