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Pro Support FAQ

Learn more about our Pro Support options

Many of our users would prefer to host Snipe-IT internally because of organizational security policies, but still want to know they're supported. We're happy to help, and offer a pro-support plan for self-hosted users. Check the FAQ below, or send us an email with any questions!

Q: How much are the pro-support (non-hosted) plans?

An annual subscription of pro-support is $449.99 USD. We no longer offer the monthly subscription.

Q: Why does the pro-support plan cost more than the hosted plan?

It seems counter-intuitive to charge more for (seemingly) doing less, but supporting our software on a system we don't control (and may not even have access to) is profoundly more challenging and time-consuming than supporting our software on a system we know inside and out.

Q: What does the pro-support plan cover?

As a pro-support customer, you'll get personal help with upgrades, as well as priority bugfixes and feature requests from the engineers who built Snipe-IT. If your IT team runs into trouble with your Snipe-IT install, you won't find anymore more qualified to help.

Q: What payment methods are available?

Snipe-IT supports credit card subscriptions only. We do not currently support purchase orders.

Professional Support

If you're hosting Snipe-IT on your own servers but want the security of knowing you've got support when you need it, we offer support plans for an annual subscription of $449.99 USD, or Enterprise Support for $4,999.99 USD/year.