Why choose the hosted solution?

Snipe-IT is and always will be free, but we also know that the only thing IT departments have less of than money is time. We offer reasonable hosting packages where we take care of the server set-up, the installation, all of the maintenance and upgrades, plus you get priority support for any issues that might come up.

Be sure to check the FAQ down below, and feel free to send us an email with any questions!


We handle upgrades, security and maintenance for you


Choose a monthly plan or save more with annual


You talk to engineers, not sales people




Get two months free!


Snipe-IT Hosting FAQ

Q: Is there a setup fee?

No, we do not charge a setup fee.

Q: What payment methods are available?

Snipe-IT supports credit card subscriptions only. We do not currently support purchase orders.

Q: Is there a minimum monthly obligation for the monthly plan?

Nope! If you select monthly hosting and ever decide to cancel your account, we’ll shut down your installation at the end of the last billed month. It’s that simple. No contracts, no hassle.

Q: I work at a school or non-profit organization - is there a discount?

We love non-profits, and can usually organize a discount. Get in touch! Send us an email at support@snipeitapp.com.

Q: If I decide to cancel, can I get my data back?

Absolutely. We want you to stay with us because you think we provide a great product and maniacally devoted service, not because we’re holding your data hostage.

If you decide to cancel, just create a backup and download it through the web interface in your admin.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of users, assets, accessories or admins we can have?

No way. You can create as many users, assets and accessories as you need. We never charge extra for that.

Q: If I sign-up for a monthly account, can I upgrade to annual if I like it?

Absolutely. Just send us an email at support@snipeitapp.com and ask us to upgrade you.

Q: How long does a new account take to set up?

New customers are set up within 24 hours of payment completion, although often much sooner.

Q: Do you offer free trials?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer a free trial at this time, simply because of the time it takes to set up each hosted account. (We would be spending all of our time setting up trials and wouldn’t be working on the product, which means less great stuff for our users.)

If you’re unsure whether the hosted solution is for you even after exploring the demo, you can sign up for the monthly plan so you can try it out for a month or two.