• Save time and money

    Always know where your IT assets are, what's out for repair, and when your service contracts are up. Never re-buy a license key again because you lost track of it.

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  • Works Anywhere

    Snipe-IT is web-based, so it works from any modern web-browser. Based on Bootstrap, it's mobile-friendly and easy to use.

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  • Custom Reports

    Run custom asset reports for depreciation to make tax time go a little smoother. Multiple geographic locations with different tax rules? No problem. You'll be able to see where every asset is.

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Snipe-IT is Asset Management Software

Your company spends thousands (or more) every year on IT assets and software. Keeping track of who has them, their deployable state, which licenses have been given to which users, and what support contracts are expiring gets tricky, and it doesn’t get easier as your business continues to grow.

Snipe-IT is a free open source solution to those problems.

  • Licenses and Assets in one place

    Licenses and Assets in one place

    Managing assets with a Google doc or a shared Excel spreadsheet is more common than you think. When your company is small, it can (sort of) work for a while, but as you grow, things get messy, fast. Snipe-IT lets your admins work together to track both physical assets and the software licenses assigned to them.
  • Your finance department will love you

    Your finance department will love you

    Depreciation and asset reports are easy with one-click export to CSV and custom reporting capabilities. You can even give them permission to view and download reports within Snipe-IT without being able to edit assets. (And you can't beat the price tag - totally free to host it yourself, or choose the low-cost monthly/annual hosted solution!)
  • Easy to Use

    Easy to Use

    Snipe-IT makes asset management easy. It was built by people solving real-world IT and asset management problems, and a solid UX has always been a top priority. What's the good of having software if it's so hard to use, no one bothers?
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